Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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Case studies on policies and strategies for sustainable soil fertility and fertilizer management in South Asia
RAP Publication - 2011/09
Report of the e-Conference on Integrated Land and Water Resources Management in Rural Watersheds
RAP Publication - 2011/08
Proceedings of the regional land degradation assessment in drylands (LADA) workshop for Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2009/16
Proceedings of the international forum on water resources management and irrigation modernization in Shanxi Province, China
RAP Publication - 2007/10
Improving plant nutrient management for better farmer livelihoods, food security and environmental sustainability
RAP Publication - 2006/27
The next wave. Outcomes of the regional workshop on information management and coordination mechanisms of tsunami emergency and rehabilitation operations in agriculture, fisheries and forestry
RAP Publication - 2006/25
Arsenic contamination of irrigation water, soil and crops in Bangladesh: risk implications for sustainable agriculture and food safety in Asia
RAP Publication - 2006/20
Report of the regional workshop on rehabilitation of agriculture in tsunami affected areas: one and a half years later
RAP Publication - 2006/17
Report of the regional workshop on salt-affected soils from sea water intrusion: strategies for rehabilitation and management
RAP Publication - 2005/11
From vision to action. A synthesis of experiences in least-developed countries in Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2004/32
How design, management and policy affect the performance of irrigation projects. Emerging modernization procedures and design standards.
RAP Publication - 2002/20
Investment in land and water
RAP Publication - 2002/09
The FAO-ESCAP pilot project on national water visions. From vision to action: a synthesis of experiences in Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2001/06
Modernization of irrigation system operations: proceedings of the fifth ITIS network international meeting
RAP Publication - 1999/43
Flood management and mitigation in the Mekong River Basin
RAP Publication - 1999/14