Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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Rural women in Sri Lanka's post-conflict rural economy
RAP Publication - 2006/13
Rural women and food security in Asia and the Pacific: Prospects and paradoxes
RAP Publication - 2005/30
Report of the regional consultation on advancement of rural women in the Beijing Plus 10 Era: policies and programmes
RAP Publication - 2004/31
Report of the regional consultation on gender dimensions in Asian rice livelihood systems in the changing milieu of technologies and economy
RAP Publication - 2004/13
Report of the Asian regional expert consultation on rural women in knowledge society
RAP Publication - 2003/16
Report of the Expert Consultation on Rural Women and Distance Learning: Regional Strategies
RAP Publication - 2003/15
Rural and tribal women in agrobiodiversity conservation: an Indian case study
RAP Publication - 2002/08
Agrobiodiversity conservation and the role of rural women
RAP Publication - 2002/07
Expert consultation on distance learning resources for rural women
RAP Publication - 2001/13
Workshop on gender-sensitive local planning
RAP Publication - 2001/05
Gender dimensions in biodiversity management and food security: policy and programme strategies for Asia
RAP Publication - 2000/03
Sri Lankan women and men as bioresource managers
RAP Publication - 1999/45
Gender roles in peanut sector for household food security
RAP Publication - 1999/32
Maldivian gender roles in bio-resource management
RAP Publication - 1999/15
Community radio for rural women. A radio broadcasting model for rural women and farm households. A Philippines case study on distance education.
RAP Publication - 1999/08
Gender database for agriculture and resource management policies in Pacific Island countries
RAP Publication - 1999/07