Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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Sri Lankan women and men as bioresource managers
RAP Publication - 1999/45
Report of the 21st session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission
RAP Publication - 1999/44
Modernization of irrigation system operations: proceedings of the fifth ITIS network international meeting
RAP Publication - 1999/43
Report of the regional expert consultation of the Asia-Pacific network for food and nutrition on concretizing actions on establishment of food Insecurity and vulnerability information and mapping systems (FIVIMS)
RAP Publication - 1999/42
Report of the expert consultation on bridging the rice yield gap in the Asia-Pacific region
RAP Publication - 1999/41
Pa Sak river basin development project
RAP Publication - 1999/40
The vegetable sector in Thailand: a review
RAP Publication - 1999/38
Livestock industries of Indonesia prior to the Asian financial crisis
RAP Publication - 1999/37
Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC). Report of the meeting of the ad hoc working group of experts in food safety
RAP Publication - 1999/36
APFIC ad hoc working group of experts in capture fishery data collection
RAP Publication - 1999/35
Selected indicators of food and agriculture development in Asia -Pacific region 1988-98
RAP Publication - 1999/34
Decentralized rural development and the role of self help organizations
RAP Publication - 1999/33
Gender roles in peanut sector for household food security
RAP Publication - 1999/32
Report on the ministerial roundtable beyond the Asian crisis: sustainable agricultural development and poverty alleviation in the next millennium
RAP Publication - 1999/31
Expert consultation on the development of agricultural statistics for food policy
RAP Publication - 1999/30
Workshop on the implications of the Asian economic crisis for the livestock industry
RAP Publication - 1999/29
The FAO field programme and agricultural development in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 1999/28
Into the next millennium: fishery perspective
RAP Publication - 1999/26
Asian livestock to the year 2000 and beyond
RAP Publication - 1999/25
Nutritional security: Asian perspective beyond 2000
RAP Publication - 1999/24
Trickle Down System (TDS) of aquaculture extension for rural development
RAP Publication - 1999/23
Rural aquaculture in China
RAP Publication - 1999/22
Rural aquaculture in India
RAP Publication - 1999/21
Rural aquaculture in the Philipines
RAP Publication - 1999/20
Report of the expert consultation on avocado production development in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 1999/19
Highlights 1998
RAP Publication - 1999/18
Report of the member nations consultation on the revision of the plant protection agreement for the Asia and Pacific Region
RAP Publication - 1999/17
Taro cultivation in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 1999/16
Maldivian gender roles in bio-resource management
RAP Publication - 1999/15
Flood management and mitigation in the Mekong River Basin
RAP Publication - 1999/14
Trees commonly cultivated in Southeast Asia.
RAP Publication - 1999/13
Code of practice for forest harvesting in Asia-Pacific
RAP Publication - 1999/12
Report of the third tropical Asian maize network (TAMNET) meeting
RAP Publication - 1999/11
Deciduous fruit production in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 1999/10
17th Session of the Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
RAP Publication - 1999/09
Community radio for rural women. A radio broadcasting model for rural women and farm households. A Philippines case study on distance education.
RAP Publication - 1999/08
Gender database for agriculture and resource management policies in Pacific Island countries
RAP Publication - 1999/07
Poverty alleviation and food security in Asia: enhancing forestry and agroforestry contributions
RAP Publication - 1999/05
Poverty alleviation and food security in Asia: role of livestock
RAP Publication - 1999/04
Poverty alleviation and food security in Asia: land resources
RAP Publication - 1999/02
Poverty alleviation and food security in Asia: lessons and challenges
RAP Publication - 1999/01
Enhancing the income of small scale farmers and the landless through integrated natural resources management
RAP Publication - 1999