Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Publications result

Report of the regional expert consultation of the Asia-Pacific Network for Food and Nutrition on reviewing implementation of National Food Based Dietary Guidelines
RAP Publication - 2001/27
Under-utilized tropical fruits of Thailand
RAP Publication - 2001/26
Report of the twenty-fifth session of the Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA)
RAP Publication - 2001/25
Report of the twenty-second session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission
RAP Publication - 2001/24
Report of the expert consultation on agribusiness statistics
RAP Publication - 2001/23
World Food Day 2001. Fight hunger to reduce poverty
RAP Publication - 2001/22
Monograph on benzoin (Balsamic resin from Styrax species)
RAP Publication - 2001/21
The Bangkok declaration and the strategy for aquaculture development beyond 2000: the aftermath
RAP Publication - 2001/20
Small-scale fishery in Southeast Asia: a case study in Southern Thailand
RAP Publication - 2001/19
Report of the twenty-seventh session of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) Manila, Philippines, 19-21 September 2001
RAP Publication - 2001/18
Selected indicators of food and agriculture development in Asia-Pacific region, 1990-2000
RAP Publication - 2001/17
Trash or treasure? Logging and mill residues in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 2001/16
Regional training strategy: supporting the implementation of the code of practice for forest harvesting in Asia-Pacific
RAP Publication - 2001/15
Report of the FAO Asia-Pacific conference on early warning, prevention, preparedness and management of disasters in food and agriculture
RAP Publication - 2001/14
Expert consultation on distance learning resources for rural women
RAP Publication - 2001/13
Mushroom cultivation for people with disabilities: a training manual
RAP Publication - 2001/12
Tonle sap fisheries: a case study on floodplain gillnet fisheries in Siem Reap, Cambodia
RAP Publication - 2001/11
Forests out of bounds: impacts and effectiveness of logging bans in natural forests in Asia-Pacific. Executive summary
RAP Publication - 2001/10
Report of the expert consultation on lychee production in the Asia-Pacific Region
RAP Publication - 2001/09
Forests out of bounds
RAP Publication - 2001/08
Grape production in the Asia-Pacific Region
RAP Publication - 2001/07
The FAO-ESCAP pilot project on national water visions. From vision to action: a synthesis of experiences in Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2001/06
Workshop on gender-sensitive local planning
RAP Publication - 2001/05
Guidelines for Humane Handling, Transport and Slaughter of Livestock
RAP Publication - 2001/04
Crop Diversification in the Asia-Pacific Region
RAP Publication - 2001/03
Report of the eighteenth session of the Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics, Held in Bali
RAP Publication - 2001/02
Curriculum development for plant pest management in Asia Pacific
RAP Publication - 2001/01