Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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Giants on our hands. Proceedings of the international workshop on the domesticated Asian elephant
RAP Publication - 2002/30
Report of the regional expert consultation of the Asia-Pacific network for food and nutrition on the status of FIVIMS initiatives
RAP Publication - 2002/29
Building awareness in aspects of fishery statistics, stock assessment and management. proceedings of the FAO/SEAFDEC regional training workshop on the use of statistics and other information for stock assessment.
RAP Publication - 2002/27
World Food Day 2002. Water: source of food security
RAP Publication - 2002/26
Communities in flames: proceedings of an international conference on community involvement in fire management
RAP Publication - 2002/25
Report of the twenty-sixth session of the Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA)
Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA) - 2002/24
The livestock industries of Thailand
RAP Publication - 2002/23
A basic laboratory manual for the small-scale production and testing of I-2 Newcastle disease vaccine
RAP Publication - 2002/22
Report of the Nineteenth Session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission
Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission - 2002/21
How design, management and policy affect the performance of irrigation projects. Emerging modernization procedures and design standards.
RAP Publication - 2002/20
Selected indicators of food and agriculture development in Asia-Pacific region, 1991-2001
RAP Publication - 2002/19
FAO in Asia and the Pacific annual report 2001
RAP Publication - 2002/18
Focusing small-scale aquaculture and aquatic resource management on poverty alleviation
RAP Publication - 2002/17
The lychee crop in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 2002/16
Ten years of IPM training in Asia. From farmer field school to community IPM
RAP Publication - 2002/15
Applying reduced impact logging to advance sustainable forest management
RAP Publication - 2002/14
Pacific island fisheries: Regional and country information
RAP Publication - 2002/13
Rural Asia-Pacific: inter-disciplinary strategies to combat hunger and poverty. Rice-based livelihood-support systems.
RAP Publication - 2002/12
Inland capture fishery statistics of Southeast Asia: current status and information needs
RAP Publication - 2002/11
Interactive mechanisms for small-scale fisheries management: Report of the regional consultation
RAP Publication - 2002/10
Investment in land and water
RAP Publication - 2002/09
Rural and tribal women in agrobiodiversity conservation: an Indian case study
RAP Publication - 2002/08
Agrobiodiversity conservation and the role of rural women
RAP Publication - 2002/07
Some issues associated with the livestock industries of the Asia-Pacific region
RAP Publication - 2002/06
Lychee production in the Asia-Pacific region
RAP Publication - 2002/04
Smallholder farmers in India: food security and agricultural policy
RAP Publication - 2002/03
Science and technology for sustainable food security, nutritional adequacy, and poverty alleviation in the Asia-Pacific Region
RAP Publication - 2002/02
Manual on the diagnosis of nipah virus infection in animals
RAP Publication - 2002/01
Forest policies and forest policy reviews
RAP Publication - 2002