Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Publications result

Reaching consensus. Multi-stakeholder processes in forestry: experiences from the Asia-Pacific region
RAP Publication - 2007/31
Regional Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. Guidelines for the pest risk analysis on scale insects associated with commodities for human consumption
RAP Publication - 2007/30
Regional Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. Guidelines for the establishment and application of emergency actions and emergency measures
RAP Publication - 2007/29
The future of large rice-based irrigation systems in Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2007/28
Report of the twenty-fifth session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission
RAP Publication - 2007/27
APFIC regional consultative workshop. Certification schemes for capture fisheries and aquaculture
RAP Publication - 2007/26
A qualitative assessment of standards and certification schemes applicable to aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region
RAP Publication - 2007/25
Potential costs and benefits of fisheries certification for countries in the Asia-Pacific region
RAP Publication - 2007/24
World Food Day 2007. The right to food - make it happen
RAP Publication - 2007/23
A short history of industrial fishing in the Pacific islands
RAP Publication - 2007/22
Proceedings of the international symposium on fresh produce supply chain management
RAP Publication - 2007/21
Meat processing technology for small- to medium-scale producers
RAP Publication - 2007/20
An overview of the impact of the tsunami on selected coastal fisheries resources in Sri Lanka and Indonesia
RAP Publication - 2007/19
APFIC regional consultative workshop. Managing fishing capacity and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in Asia
RAP Publication - 2007/18
Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC). Report of the executive committee seventy-first session
RAP Publication - 2007/17
Fishing capacity management and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in Asia
RAP Publication - 2007/16
Selected indicators of food and agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region 1996-2006
RAP Publication - 2007/15
Report of the technical meeting of the Asia Pacific network for food and nutrition on school based nutrition
RAP Publication - 2007/14
A practical manual for producers and exporters from Asia. Regulations, standards and certification for agricultural exports
RAP Publication - 2007/13
Trees and shrubs of the Maldives
RAP Publication - 2007/12
Report of the twenty-first session of the Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
RAP Publication - 2007/11
Proceedings of the international forum on water resources management and irrigation modernization in Shanxi Province, China
RAP Publication - 2007/10
A cut for the poor. Proceedings of the international conference on managing forests for poverty reduction: Capturing opportunities in forest harvesting and wood processing for the benefit of the poor
RAP Publication - 2007/09
Plant protection profiles from Asia-Pacific countries
RAP Publication - 2007/08
Coastal protection in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami: What role for forests and trees?
RAP Publication - 2007/07
Proceedings of the workshop on coastal area planning and management in Asian tsunami-affected countries
RAP Publication - 2007/06
Food-based nutrition strategies in Bangladesh
RAP Publication - 2007/05
Feeding minds, fighting hunger. Initiatives among school children in India
RAP Publication - 2007/04
Integrating fisheries into the development discourse
RAP Publication - 2007/03
Developing an Asia-Pacific strategy for forest invasive species: The coconut beetle problem – bridging agriculture and forestry
RAP Publication - 2007/02
The role of coastal forests in the mitigation of tsunami impacts
RAP Publication - 2007/01