Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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A review and synthesis of capture fisheries data in Thailand.
RAP Publication - 2008/17
World Food Day 2008. World food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy
RAP Publication - 2008/16
Status and potential of fisheries and aquaculture in Asia and the Pacific 2008
RAP Publication - 2008/15
A regional approach to the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention (2007-2008)
RAP Publication - 2008/14
Report of the twenty-second session of the Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
RAP Publication - 2008/13
Second regional consultative forum meeting of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
RAP Publication - 2008/12
Report of the thirtieth session of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
RAP Publication - 2008/11
Strategy and investment plan for smallholder dairy development in Asia
RAP Publication - 2008/10
Report of the technical meeting of the Asia Pacific network for food and nutrition on nutrition interventions for food security - can they work effectively in isolation?
RAP Publication - 2008/09
Developing an Asian regional strategy for sustainable smallholder dairy development
RAP Publication - 2008/08
Workshop to commemorate the International Year of the Potato - 2008
RAP Publication - 2008/07
Report of the twenty-second session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission
Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission - 2008/06
Re-inventing forestry agencies. Experiences of institutional restructuring in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 2008/05
Forest faces. Hopes and regrets in Philippine forestry
RAP Publication - 2008/04
The state of food and agriculture in Asia and the Pacific region 2008
RAP Publication - 2008/03
Expert consultation on farmers' income statistics
RAP Publication - 2008/02
Abattoir development. Options and designs for hygienic basic and medium-sized abattoirs
RAP Publication - 2008/01