Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Publications result

State of forestry in Asia and the Pacific 2003 – status, changes and trends
RAP Publication - 2003/22
Report of the regional expert consultation of the Asia-Pacific network for food and nutrition on food composition activities
RAP Publication - 2003/21
World Food Day 2003. International Alliance Against Hunger
RAP Publication - 2003/20
Advancing assisted natural regeneration (ANR) in Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 2003/19
Myanmar aquaculture and inland fisheries
RAP Publication - 2003/18
Proceedings of the training workshop on forest product statistics
RAP Publication - 2003/17
Report of the Asian regional expert consultation on rural women in knowledge society
RAP Publication - 2003/16
Report of the Expert Consultation on Rural Women and Distance Learning: Regional Strategies
RAP Publication - 2003/15
Bringing back the forests. Policies and practices for degraded lands and forests
RAP Publication - 2003/14
Expert consultation on agricultural extension, research-extension-farmer interface and technology transfer
RAP Publication - 2003/13
Report of the expert consultation on livestock statistics
RAP Publication - 2003/12
The role and nutritional value of aquatic resources in the livelihoods of rural people. A participatory assessment in Attapeu Province, Lao PDR.
RAP Publication - 2003/11
Selected indicators of food and agriculture development in Asia-Pacific region 1999-2002
RAP Publication - 2003/10
A handbook for training of disabled on rural enterprise development
RAP Publication - 2003/09
A handbook for trainers on participatory local development: the Panchayati Raj model in India
RAP Publication - 2003/07
A handbook for trainers on participatory local development: the Panchayati Raj model in India. Second edition
RAP Publication - 2003/07
The Yak, second edition
RAP Publication - 2003/06
Practical guidelines for the assessment, monitoring and reporting on national level criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in dry forests in Asia
RAP Publication - 2003/05
The role of aquaculture and living aquatic resources. Priorities for support and networking.
RAP Publication - 2003/04
Report of the Nineteenth Session of the Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
RAP Publication - 2003/03
Proceedings of the mini roundtable meeting on agricultural marketing and food security
RAP Publication - 2003/02
New approaches for the improvement of inland capture fishery statistics in the Mekong Basin. Ad-hoc expert consultation
RAP Publication - 2003/01