Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Publications result

Regional Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. Guidance on the operation of land border entry points for local trade
RAP Publication - 2009/24
Regional Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. Guidelines for protection against South American leaf blight of rubber
RAP Publication - 2009/23
Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission Rules
RAP Publication - 2009/22
Strategies and financial mechanisms for sustainable use and conservation of forests: experiences from Latin America and Asia
RAP Publication - 2009/21
Asia Pacific Fishery Commission. Report of the seventy-second session of the Executive Committee
RAP Publication - 2009/20
Report of the twenty-sixth session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission
RAP Publication - 2009/19
An analysis of historical national reports of inland capture fishery statistics in the Asia-Pacific region (1950-2007)
RAP Publication - 2009/18
Expert consultation on statistics in support of policies to empower small farmers
RAP Publication - 2009/17
Proceedings of the regional land degradation assessment in drylands (LADA) workshop for Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2009/16
Agricultural reforms and trade liberalization in China and selected Asian countries: lessons of three decades
RAP Publication - 2009/15
Selected indicators of food and agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region 1998-2008
RAP Publication - 2009/14
Workshop on assessment and management of the offshore resources of South and Southeast Asia
RAP Publication - 2009/13
Plant protection profiles from Asia-Pacific countries (2007-2008) 2nd edition
RAP Publication - 2009/12
Ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture: Implementing the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
RAP Publication - 2009/11
Practical implementation of the ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture
RAP Publication - 2009/10
The fishing fleet in Aceh Province, Indonesia
RAP Publication - 2009/09
Management of reusable plastic crates in fresh produce supply chains. A technical guide
RAP Publication - 2009/08
Handbook on regional fishery bodies and arrangements in Asia and the Pacific 2009
RAP Publication - 2009/07
Horticultural chain management for countries of Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 2009/06
Fisheries and aquaculture in the Lao PDR - a legislative review
RAP Publication - 2009/05
Asia-Pacific Forestry Week: Forestry in a changing world
RAP Publication - 2009/04
The future of forests in Asia and the Pacific: Outlook for 2020
RAP Publication - 2009/03
Smallholder dairy development - Lessons learned in Asia
RAP Publication - 2009/02
Best practices to support and improve the livelihoods of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture households
RAP Publication - 2009/01