Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Commissions

The FAO regional office in Bangkok serves as the secretariat of five Asia-Pacific regional commissions – which are statutory bodies of the Organization – dealing with animal production and health, agricultural statistics, fisheries, forestry and plant protection.

Regional Commissions provide a unique opportunity to set priorities for sectoral work and guide decisions on new programme initiatives – both for collaborative country actions and for FAO work in the region. The specific regional focus of the Regional Commissions gives greater legitimacy and “ownership” to regional policy studies, outlook studies and the development of codes of practice. Strong linkages to key sectoral policy-makers in the region ensure that the Regional Commissions are an integral part of FAO’s knowledge network.

Established in 1949, the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) presently has a membership of 20 countries.  Altogether, 31 sessions of this commission have been held up to now. (APFIC brochure.pdf)

The Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) was also created in 1949.  Since then, 23 sessions have been held.  Membership currently stands at 33 countries.  Active participation of international non-governmental organizations and the private sector is encouraged. (APFC brochure.pdf)

The Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) met for the first time in 1956.  Since then 26 APPPC sessions have been held and membership now comprises 24 countries.  (APPPC brochure.pdf)

The establishment of the Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics (APCAS) was approved in 1963.  Its 25th session was held in 2014 and membership currently comprises 25 countries. (APCAS brochure.pdf)

The Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA) was established in 1975.  So far, 34 annual sessions of the commission have been held uninterruptedly.  Present membership stands at 18 countries. (APHCA brochure.pdf)