Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

29th Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC)

Bangkok, Thailand, 26-31 March 2009

The 29th session of the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific will be held in Bangkok from 26 to 31 March 2009. Agriculture ministers from 43 countries in the region are invited. The Independent Chairperson of the FAO Council, observers from United Nations member states, non-member states, international non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations are also expected to attend, along with representatives of United Nations organizations.

In the first three days, from 26 to 28 March, senior government officers will hold in-depth discussions on a range of issues central to food security and rural poverty alleviation in Asia-Pacific countries. This will be followed by a two day ministerial segment, on 30 and 31 March, focusing on measures to speed up progress by Asia-Pacific countries towards the November 1996 World Food Summit goal of halving hunger levels by half by the year 2015.

Main items on the agenda are water scarcity, agro-industries, aid for trade, transboundary animal diseases and bioenergy.

For more information on the conference contact Dorjee Kinlay, Secretary of the Regional Conference.

Bangkok, 26 January 2009