Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Conference

FAO regional conferences are held once every two years and are attended by ministers of agriculture or their deputies and senior government officials from relevant line ministries and technical departments.

This high-level consultation comprises all member countries in the region.  The meeting focuses on special problems in the region and priority areas which should be taken into account in preparing the FAO Programme of Work and Budget for the next biennium as well as in relation to longer-term objectives.

In addition to regional member country delegations, observers from other FAO member countries, development partners, civil society, non-governmental organizations and farmers organizations attend the plenary sessions as well as side events.

Up to the present, 31 sessions of the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC) have been held.  The 31st session was held in Hanoi, Viet Nam from 12 to 16 March 2012.

The 32nd session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific will be held in Mongolia in 2014.