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Regional Workshop on Forest Assessment and Monitoring in South and South-East Asia

Bangladesh Forest Information System BFIS

The 34th Session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific convened its Ministerial segment in Nadi, Fiji 12 April 2018

New Publications

Country gender assessment of agriculture and the rural sector in Nepal

Findings of the Assessment indicate that government policy is limited to meeting targets of women’s participation in programmes and projects rather than addressing the root causes of gender inequalities in agriculture and the wider rural economy. 2019, 80 p.

It is estimated that at least 70 percent of land in developing countries is unregistered. Due to the current competition over land and natural resources, communities are losing their land and land conflicts have been on the rise. FAO and the MRLG have collected multi-stakeholder perspectives and published a collection of policy briefs on land tenure in the Mekong Region.

Challenges and opportunities of recognizing and protecting customary tenure systems in Cambodia, 2019, 16 p.

Challenges and opportunities of recognizing and protecting customary tenure systems in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, 2019, 16 p.

Challenges and opportunities of recognizing and protecting customary tenure systems in Myanmar, 2019, 16 p.

Challenges and opportunities of recognizing and protecting customary tenure systems in Viet Nam, 2019, 16 p.

Rice landscapes and climate change: Options for mitigation in rice-based agroecosystems and the scaling-up of climate-smart rice cultivation technologies in Asia

55 p.

This document reports on the workshop held in October 2018 on understanding of the implications of the Paris Agreement and the importance and relevance of climate-smart rice cultivation practices for increasing resilience, reducing GHG emissions and storing carbon in rice ecosystems. 

Meeting the mandates set for liquid biofuels for transport in the Philippines

24 p.
Sugarcane & molasses are producing ethanol to blend into gasoline & coconut is producing biodiesel to blend into diesel.

Synopsis of the Global Event on Accelerating the End to Hunger and Malnutrition

16 p.

This flyer presents the issues and numbers on malnutrition, under nutrition, obesity, overweight and stunting and then briefly presents solutions coming out of gender equity, data, using new technologies, policies, and engaging the private sector.

Training farmers in aquatic resource building

2 p.

This is the story of Mr. Bunlom Phantavong, a rice/fish farmer in Lao. He's learned new paddy techniques and has been certified as a Farmer Trainer to teach others on how to take a fresh look at traditional methods to improve their livelihoods.

A farmer’s view on learning new rice techniques

2 p.

This flyer captures an interview with Mrs. La, a rice farmer in Lao. She participated in a Farmer Field School where she learned new rice farming techniques that combine with her own knowledge & traditional methods for more sustainable farming.

Thailand migration report 2019

220 p.

FAO contributions to this UN Thematic Working Group report are chapter 4, "Working Conditions for Migrants in Thailand's Agricultural Sector" and chapter 5, "Working Conditions for Migrants and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing in Thailand’s Fisheries Sector."


Empowering rural women, powering agriculture: FAO's work on gender

24 p.

Leaving no one behind means closing the gender gap in agriculture. This brochure describes FAO's work in promoting gender equity.

E-agriculture in action: Blockchain for agriculture

66 p.

One of the most discussed technologies of late is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT); Blockchain is one implementaiton of DLTs. This publication aims to demystify the technology, provide some thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in implementing blockchain-based systems as well as document some case studies on the use of blockchain for agriculture.

FAO's goal and role for sustainable forest management in Asia and the Pacific

2 p.

This brochure briefly summarizes in plain language the work of FAO-RAP to promote and develop sustainable forestry management in Asia-Pacific.

Special edition of the FAO ECTAD Vietnam newsletter on African Swine Fever December 2018/January 2019

5 p.

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a contagious viral disease of pigs & wild boar that causes severe economic losses to the pig sector. Originally in Africa, it has spread and now been reported in China, threatening countries in East & Southeast Asia.

FAO’s goal and role for agriculture and animal production in Asia and the Pacific

4 p.

This brochure describes how FAO aims to help our member countries in Asia and the Pacific achieve responsible and sustainable management of agricultural resources in order to ensure the people of this region, particularly the more vulnerable, are food secure and prosperous. The brochure touches on dairy, rice and livestock production.

Report on cost-benefit analysis of the monitoring, control and surveillance system and tools developed by Sri Lanka

54 p.

This publication provides guidance on the implementation of effective and efficient monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) in the marine fisheries sector in Sri Lanka, crucial to ensuring long-term conservation of fishery resources and access to markets. 

Strengthening agro-climatic monitoring and information systems (SAMIS) to improve adaptation to climate change and food security in Lao PDR

6 p.

This leaflet explains how the FAO GEF project  addresses monitoring, observation, analysis, data storage, and development of value-added information products, promotes sharing, and better informs agricultural decision-making.

Improvement of data collection on fisheries and aquaculture production: Pilot system for the Yangon Region

2 p.

The project brief includes information about the details of the project, its background, objective, description and key achievements. The project aims to improve data collection and analysis for fisheries and aquaculture.

Life-saving assistance for conflict affected people in Northern Rakhine

2 p.

This project brief includes information about the details of the project, its background, objective, description and key achievements.

Celebrating 40 Years in Viet Nam: 1978-2018

28 p.

This brochure highlights the FAO Viet Nam activities since the establishment of the office in Viet Nam in 1978 and its key achievements in food security in the country.

Dynamic development, shifting demographics and changing diets
172 p.

The story of the rapidly evolving food system in Asia and the Pacific and why it is constantly on the move.

Mobi e-book for kindle | Epub e-book for IPAD

2018 Asia-Pacific Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition

96 p.

During the last three years, progress at reducing undernourishment has slowed tremendously in Asia and the Pacific. After years of gains in combatting hunger, progress has stagnated in all parts of this vast region.

Mobi e-book for kindle | epub e-book for I-pad