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Tsunami Affected Fishermen and Farmers in Samoa Receive Assistance from FAO

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Staff inspecting the equipment prior to distribution to the affected villages.

01 Jul 2011 -- (1 July 2011, FAOSAP, Apia) – The official handover of agricultural and fisheries equipment by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) took place  at the Fisheries Compound in Apia. The agricultural and fisheries inputs are part of a Tsunami Emergency Assistance Project initiated by FAO in response to a request from the Government of Samoa after the devastating tsunami that struck Samoa in 2009.

 “The damage caused by the 2009 tsunami included the loss of farming and fishing tools and the destruction of livestock, plants and trees. Through the assistance provided we hope to strengthen and enhance the livelihoods and food security of the affected communities,” said a representative from FAO.

 The emergency project was based on official findings from a post tsunami damage assessment survey conducted by MAF and FAO which highlighted the need for planting materials, seeds agricultural tools, small livestock and fishing gear and equipment, traditional fishing canoes, and rehabilitation of giant clam nurseries. The project was also expected to complement recovery efforts by other partners in the agriculture and fisheries sector.

 The handover was in addition to planting equipment, materials and seeds that were distributed in 2009 to the affected villages under FAO’s Soaring Food Price Project. The equipment is to support the recovery of the agriculture and fisheries based livelihoods of 450 tsunami affected families in 21 villages.