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Serious threat to the Pacific - FAO Director-General, Jose Graziano da Silva
Papua New Guinea, 28 May 2015 -- The whole planet is being affected by its devastating impacts. Shifts in rainfall patterns, rising sea levels and sea surface temperatures have had disastrous effects on rural production, food security and livelihoods, especially among developing countries. Dr da Silva told the 11th FAO Southwest Pacific Agriculture Ministers Meeting in Port Moresby that this problem has existed for several decades, but unfortunately it has been neglected for many years by the international [more...]

Agriculture must be smart
Papua New Guinea, 28 May 2015 -- Agriculture has to be climate, environmentally and economically ‘smart’ now and for the future – there is no other option for sustainable livelihoods in the Pacific. This was the message delivered to the 11th FAO Southwest Pacific Ministers of Agriculture meeting. Dr Andrew McGregor, managing director of agribusiness consulting firm, Koko Siga, in Fiji, made a presentation on the vulnerability of Pacific agriculture and forestry to climate change. McGregor informed the meeting [more...]

Vanuatu to host first ever Week of Agriculture in the Pacific
Papua New Guinea, 28 May 2015 -- THE 11th FAO Southwest Pacific Agriculture Ministers Meeting has agreed on a proposal to host the Pacific Week of Agriculture. This is a major agricultural event similar to the Caribbean Week of Agriculture. The proposal was presented to the meeting by Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) , FAO and the Secretariat of Pacific Community. This event will facilitate closer collaboration, coordination and networking in the agricultural sector in the [more...]

Agriculture Ministers greatly “satisfied” with meeting
Papua New Guinea, 28 May 2015 -- The eight agriculture ministers and one associate minister have expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the 11th FAO Southwest Pacific ministers meeting. The ministers thanked the FAO and the PNG Government for the successful hosting and chairing of the meeting in Port Moresby. Cook Islands Minister for Agriculture, Kiriau Turepu, said it was his first meeting and described it as an “eye opener” on many agricultural issues affecting the people [more...]

FAO representation for the Solomon Islands
28 May 2015 -- FAO Director General, José Graziano da Silva and Solomon Islands Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Augustine Maeue signed an agreement to establish FAO representation for the Solomon Islands.  The agreement was signed at the 11th FAO South West Pacific Ministers of Agriculture Meeting. Assistance in Solomon Islands has focused on building the evidence base for policy-makers and supporting local food production. FAO is working in partnership with stakeholders in the Pacific to [more...]

Papua New Guinea Minister thanks FAO
28 May 2015 -- The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Assik Tommy Tomscoll, has expressed his gratitude to FAO for its support to the Pacific region. Minister Tomscoll also acknowledged the presence of the ministers from the Southwest Pacific region who participated at the 11th FAO Southwest Pacific Ministers of Agriculture meeting. Minister Tomscoll thanked the FAO Director-General, Dr Jose Graziano da Silva, for his efforts in giving special consideration to the needs of the [more...]

Seeking new ways to address climate change and other pressing issues facing the Pacific
Papua New Guinea, 13 May 2015 -- The Eleventh Meeting of Southwest Pacific Ministers of Agriculture under the theme “Climate Smart Agriculture” began today with Papua New Guinea Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion and FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva highlighting some of the pressing issues affecting the countries in the region. “I believe that the theme Climate Smart Agriculture is timely in view of the fact that the Pacific region is highly vulnerable to adverse climatic conditions [more...]

Vanuatu: Rebuilding lives and livelihoods after Cyclone Pam
Vanuatu, 28 Apr 2015 -- On 13 March, Tropical Cyclone Pam caused severe damage to agriculture in Vanuatu’s six provinces posing immediate and long-term threats to food security. The government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity requested FAO assistance in responding to  agriculture. In response, FAO has begun providing assistance to over 10,000 cyclone-affected farming households in Vanuatu and has secured 600 kg of vegetable seeds from international suppliers. The [more...]

Southwest Pacific Ministers of Agriculture meet in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea, 28 Apr 2015 -- The Government of Papua New Guinea and FAO will host the Eleventh Meeting of Southwest Pacific Ministers of Agriculture at Port Moresby, PNG. Progress on the development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries within the FAO Pacific member states will be discussed and recommendations will be presented Ministers and representatives in attendance. The decisions by the Ministers will then help guide activities in these sectors by FAO, the member countries, and [more...]

Contract farming: Bringing farmers and buyers together
Samoa, 28 Apr 2015 -- The Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc and the FAO are joining forces to promote contract farming as a means to coordinate links between farmers and agribusiness firms. In simple terms, contract farming is an agreement which establishes conditions between a buyer and farmers for the production and marketing of a farm product or products. Under contract farming, producers typically commit to the future delivery of farm products to a buyer [more...]

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