Sub-regional Office for the Pacific Islands

Agriculture Production and Productivity

PICs need to meet the demand for crop and livestock production. Farmers face difficulties with expensive animal feed, poor pasture management, weak genetic breeding lines, limited water for farming, depleted forest resources, limited bio-energy, and  access to skills and technology.

The expected outcomes of FAO assistance in the area of agriculture production and productivity are:

·         increased production, productivity and resilience of crop and livestock systems;

·         increased value adding to primary product;

·         improved production potential (degraded and atoll soils);

·         local sources of livestock feed developed;

·         improved pasture management for smallholder beef systems;

·         improved breeding stock available;

·         improved water management for agriculture use;

·         strengthened capacity of extension services;

          improved technology transfer;

·         improved agroforestry enterprises and associated industry; and

·         improved understanding of the impacts of bio-energy on food security.

More details can be found in the member country pages.