Sub-regional Office for the Pacific Islands
Food Safety, Quality and Nutrition

Food Safety, Quality and Nutrition

Subject: Food and Nutrition
Publication year: 2012
Published by:
Country: Samoa

This manual was prepared under funding support by FAO Technical Cooperation Programme project TCP/SAM/3203. It is based on consultation with a number of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in Samoa during July 2012.
The layout is such that specific packaging information is included in the first chapter, while the second chapter relates to findings in Samoa and highlights points where there is common ground. The third chapter builds on chapter two and suggests strategies for consideration by SMEs.
It has been the intention to include a number of areas where quality can be improved and maintained inexpensively and with it a closer match between packaging, shelf-life and consumer expectation. The ultimate aim is to enable processors to select the most appropriate packing for their products and thereby become more profitable and successful in both local and export markets.
It is to be recognised that the packaging industry is very dynamic and new combination of components are becoming available on a frequent basis and thus this only reflects the current state of packaging and would need periodic updating.