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Local change Team in Vietnam
Article on FAO Vietnam Team Building Programme

The Local Change Teams (LCTs) form the ‘heart’ of culture change in FAO. The LCTs will actively promote FAO’s vision statement and the desired culture along the five pillars of the culture change framework: Valuing People, Enhancing Professional Excellence, Enhancing Performance, Working as One FAO and Strengthening Partnerships . In order to build and sustain the momentum for culture change LCTs will work in a participatory manner consulting with the wider group of employees about culture change issues relevant to the local level. At the same time, to nurture and share ideas/ learning across FAO LCTs will network with each other and liaise on a continuous basis with the corporate body responsible for supporting the FAO Culture Change Strategy. To begin with, LCTs will facilitate the implementation of relevant corporate culture change actions in the areas of ‘Teamworking & Collaboration’, ‘Accountability for Results’ and ‘Leading to Engage, Enable and Empower Others.

Whilst the LCT is not part of FAO’s formal structure and does not have a decision-making role, it is an influential body instrumental in catalysing and supporting culture change. The LCTs will represent the views of all employees regardless of role/position such that the benefits of culture change are experienced by all. LCTs will have a set of objectives and deliverables supported by the Sponsor and will monitor progress on a continual basis. Further details of the key activities and tasks are outlined below:

Communicate and promote the benefits of culture change at the local level in line with FAO’s vision statement and culture change strategy

Encourage participatory ways of working at the local level such that there is a sustained level of engagement and buy-in to FAO’s vision statement, values and culture change strategy

Set clear and measurable objectives of culture change actions with milestones and check their progress on a continuous basis through self-assessment; contribute to monitoring culture change at the local level aligned to the agreed Monitoring Framework of FAO

Build linkages between all change initiatives and facilitate the integration of change programmes to ensure that there is alignment with the internal vision and culture change strategy

Develop local workplans to facilitate the implementation of the culture shift actions in the areas of ‘of ‘Teamworking & Collaboration’, ‘Accountability for Results’ and ‘Leading to Engage, Enable and Empower Others’

Facilitate development of practical proposals for culture change in line with the  vision statement and the culture change framework to address the local contexts and advise/ propose mechanisms for implementation to achieve full ownership

Support local offices and leadership in relevant areas such that the culture change efforts result in tangible improvements in working practices, attitudes and behaviours

Contribute to the design and facilitation of FAO culture change events applying innovative ideas generated from field offices

Create a regional hub for culture change to create networking opportunities at the same time share culture change ideas, successes, best practices, challenges and progress with other LCTs and the corporate body responsible for culture change in FAO on a regular basis to influence the ethos of ‘One FAO’

Assist in providing both advice and concrete suggestions to the corporate body responsible for supporting the FAO Culture Change Strategy thereby contributing to the wider renewal of FAO and offer suggestions for integration and synergies of various initiatives

Liaise with staff representative bodies on matters concerning terms and conditions of employment and general staff welfare