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Tripartite South-South Cooperation among Vietnam–Tchad-FAO

Tripartite South-South Cooperation among Vietnam–Tchad-FAO

03 Jun 2013 -- Under the framework of South-South cooperation, the Tchad mission to Vietnam headed by Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Dr. Dangde Laobele Damaye, visited and worked in Hanoi from 28 May to 3 June 2013. This visit is under the framework of the tripartite cooperation program signed in 2010 and deployed in 2011 and 2012.

After two years of implementation, 4 experts and 6 technicians of Vietnam have successfully transferred new agricultural production technologies to Tchad officials and cadres in the fields of paddy rice production and processing, poultry farming, aquaculture, bee-keeping, and agricultural engineering techniques. On the basis of the achievements obtained in the first phase, Tchad wishes to further expand its cooperation with Vietnam in terms of both scope and field. The two parties have agreed to continue expanding their cooperation in priority fields including:

1. Bee-keeping: transfer of new bee-keeping techniques, training of bee-keepers
2. Paddy rice production: transfer of new rice cultivation techniques, replication and production of new varieties, training of local officials and farmers on how to master paddy rice production and processing procedures.
3. Water source management: training  on water source management and irrigation to serve rice and vegetable production  
4. Aquaculture: Popularization of aquaculture techniques, training of local officials and farmers
5. Agricultural engineering: training on use and maintenance of agricultural machinery (tractors, tractor-pulled ploughs, etc.)
6. Animal husbandry: poultry raising, cow milk production
7. Agricultural policies, agricultural trade, and rural infrastructure

In addition to traditional cooperation forms, the two parties have agreed that Vietnam will exchange technical experts for training. Tchad will consider sending officials and experts to Vietnam for studying priority fields selected by Tchad.