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Forum “Donor Coordination for New Rural Development in Vietnam”

Forum “Donor Coordination for New Rural Development in Vietnam”

14 May 2013 -- As the focal point supporting the Government of Vietnam to implement the Tam Nong policy, FAO is responsible for coordinating and mobilizing resources and experts of UN agencies to support the integrated rural development in the period 2010-2020. FAO has cooperated with the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, through the International Support Group (ISG), to organize the forum “Donor Coordination for New Rural Development in Vietnam”.

The main objective of the forum is to share information and orientations of the sector in developing new rural areas in combination with sector restructuring, as well as mobilizing and associating resources to support rural development in Vietnam.

At the forum, Minister Cao Duc Phat clearly pointed out that new rural development is a program by the people and for the people, not an investment program financed by the State. The Minister, therefore, confirmed “if we join together we can create changes”.

The general recommendation from the forum is to find ways to create a “New Motivation”- a motivation that comes from the internal resources of Vietnam, the international support, and a new policy framework, and thus will promote new rural development in Vietnam as expected.