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Establishment of Rice Seed Production Hub in Hoa Tien Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City. UNFA/VIE/048/UND IBSA

Donor:   India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA) Fund
Government / Partner Agency: People’s Committee of Da Nang City, Vietnam.
Duration: 2 years
Starting Date: October 2012
Budget: USD 529,537

Executive Summary
Producing rice food grain on very limited land (4,200ha) is neither competitive, nor sustainable for Da Nang city, including 600 ha of Hoa Tien commune, while the land is exposed to the threat from urbanization and industrialization trends. Meanwhile, its favourable micro climate and soil fertility conditions and available irrigation system create advantages for the commune to produce rice seed of fairly good quality which can be harvested 01 month earlier (from winter – spring season) for supplying to the provinces in the Red river delta and with much higher germination ratio (from summer – autumn season) for supplying to high land and some coastal provinces of Central Vietnam.

The project, financially supported by IBSA Fund and its cooperation partners will be implemented by FAO and counterparts (from MARD and city’s agencies) during 2 years (4 rice production seasons) aiming at the following:
•    Strengthening production capacity at the commune level, including:
-    Improving farmer’s field production capacity: standardizing and adapting advanced technologies to cultivating procedure for more efficient production; introduction of new varieties with high yield and marketability to the local condition for product range expansion and market diversification.
-    Enhancing the post harvest processing capacity of the commune for higher quality and value added of the product.
•    Establishing a seed quality control and certification system for the city for enhancement of its supportive services to the farmers.
•    Enhancing trading capacity, including raising  awareness of compliance with the State Ordinance in seed trading and circulating, Intellectual Property and Branding the “Seed of Hoa Tien”.

Ultimate beneficiaries of the project are about 4,000 farmer households of Hoa Tien commune and the staff of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) of Da Nang whose supporting capacity such as field inspection and laboratory seed testing will be enhanced.

The goals of the project are:
(1)    to help poverty relief for farmers in the project area and maximize their revenue on limited land asset by upgrading their skill and facilities for rice seed production; targeting for higher and safer quality of their seed product.
(2)    by taking full advantage of the conditions to convert the commune into a quality rice seed hub with sustainable production which is linked with an efficient quality control system and to network it with the country’s seed market so that the commune to be a reliable seed supplying address within the national seed production system.
(3)    the commune to be a seed buffer for the purpose of preparedness and resilience upon natural disaster risks and for seed and food security of Da Nang province as well as neighboring provinces in Central coastal area, Highland and some in the Red river delta of Viet Nam.
(4)      to strengthen the linkage in the 4-pillar system (Government-Farmer-Scientist-Business).

People's Committee of Danang province

 India - Brazil - South Africa (IBSA) Fund


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