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Viet Nam

TFD - 11/VIE/001 Develop intensive cow raising for improved and sustainable household income in Phu Nham commune, Van Chan district, and Yen Bai province

The objective of the proposed project is to support Phu Nham to develop intensive cow raising for better and sustainable household income.

The proposed project will directly benefit the group of 20 cow raising households in Suoi Que village, Phu Nham commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province and about 90 their household members.
Suoi Que is one of the 9 villages of the difficult and remote mountainous commune of Phu Nham. There are 59 families comprising 190 people living in the village of which main income source is crop production and animal husbandry. Under the project UNJP/VIE/037/UNJ entitled “Strengthening Capacities to Enhance Coordinated and Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction Actions and Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture in the Northern Mountain Regions of Viet Nam”, in 2010 twenty households in this village have been provided with both technical and material inputs to grow and process fodder grasses towards developing intensive cattle raising.
Indirectly, all 59 households in Suoi Que village in particular and 1,709 households in Phu Nham commune in general will also benefit from the project. First because developing intensive cattle raising will reduce free gazing problems to crop productions. Secondly, the project success will serve as a good demonstration model for intensive cattle raising in the commune, facilitate farmers' access to quality calf source, and improve their experience in cow raising. The target beneficiary group will be able to produce healthy calves of right varieties and provide to local farmers at reasonable prices.