FAO Representation
Viet Nam

Formulation of Project on Tam Nong Strategy - TCP/VIE/3301

The TCP supports the National Target programme on the New Rural Development (Tam Nông) as decided by the Government of Vietnam in Decision 800/QĐ-TTg of June 4th 2010. Whereas the Government has established a National Steering Committee, Provincial and District Steering Committees and a Programme Coordination Office, the TCP will provide for an Advisory Task Force (Output 1) consisting of a secretariat and international and national experts, including FAO experts who will participate remotely in its work as well as providing technical inputs as required.

The second Output is Capacity Building of Leaders at central, provincial, district and commune level through distance learning and ICT systems. The curriculum will be determined in the first Activity and will include modules prepared by FAO, international and national experts on: the provision of key information distributed for social, economic and technical development through mass media and community learning centres. A series of television programmes will be recorded and distributed in the following areas:

  • Information for Management Decisions
  • Organizational Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Results Based Management
  • Gender, Culture and Human Rights Mainstreaming
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • The New Agriculture
  • Economy and Finance
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Industry and Labour
  • Justice and Laws
  • Society and Civil Responsibility
  • Tourism and other services

Each TV programme and module will be prepared by the experts and produced by the state owned digital TV channel 3NTV devoted to agriculture and rural development. In addition to the script, the experts will be required to provide supporting materials for publication on the internet. All materials will be translated (dubbed) into Vietnamese when required.

Output 3 consists of:  Development and establishment of a Results-Based M & E framework.  FAO will mobilize expertise to advise the CSC on an M & E framework, based on the experience of participatory results-planning and monitoring in rural development projects.  The  activities in Monitoring and Evaluation will be undertaken jointly by international and national experts.

Because experts will contribute remotely to the Advisory Task Force, Training Modules and Information broadcasts, the TCP will be Carbon Neutral.