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Markets and trade

Market and Trade Dimensions of Avian Influenza Prevention and Control
Symposium organised in conjunction with the 21st Session of the FAO Inter-Governmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products, Rome, 14 November 2006.

Experts and policy-makers took the opportunity to discuss the impact of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) on poultry markets and trade, and discussed possible policy choices and institutional options. The following papers are available for consultation and downloading:

Agenda & Summary Contributions

Impacts of animal disease outbreaks on livestock markets
Introductory Paper
Policy choices & Institutional options:
How do they affect disease costs?
Jonathan Rushton, Nancy Morgan and Anni McLeod
A framework for identifying market and trade
impacts of HPAI and its control
Martin Upton
The role of trade in genetic stock in transmitting avian influenza
Alan Emsley
Market impacts of HPAI outbreaks: A rapid appraisal process
Ali Ahmed Ibrahim, Lise Albrechtsen, Martin Upton, Nancy Morgan and Jonathan Rushton
Market impacts of HPAI outbreaks: A rapid appraisal process
Cengiz Yalcin
Linkages: Considerations in maintaining markets
for large and small poultry operations
Serecon Management Consulting Inc.

A number of PowerPoint presentations were given during the symposium. To view and download, click here.