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Mercados y comercio

Repercusiones de la prevención y el control de la gripe aviar en el mercado y el comercio
Simposio organizado conjuntamente con la 21a Reunión del Grupo Intergubernamental sobre la Carne y los Productos Lácteos, Roma, 14 de noviembre del 2006.

Presentaciones (en inglés)

Impacts of AI on Global Markets
Nancy Morgan
Market and Trade Impacts of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Martin Upton
Avian Influenza in Egypt: From market shock & collapse to recovery?
Lise Albrechtsen, Ali Ahmed Ibrahim and Jonathan Rushton
How do markets respond to the Avian Influenza outbreaks? The differential impact on market participants: A Case study in Turkey
Cengiz Yalçin
Market impacts as hidden costs of Avian Influenza on rural livelihoods and households
John Curry
Policy Choices and Institutional Options: How do they affect disease costs?
Jonathan Rushton, Nancy Morgan and Anni McLeod
Public/Private Sector Linkages: Considerations In Maintaining Markets for Large and Small Poultry Operations
Serecon Management Consulting Inc.
The impact of Avian Influenza on international markets
Merritt Cluff
International Trade Dimensions of Aniimal Disease Control: The risk of AI transmission through breeding stock
Alan Emsley
OIE recommendations on trade and avian influenza
Sarah Kahn
Effective Communication: A Tool for Minimizing Disruptive Market Impacts
Katinka de Balogh and Satyajit Sarkar
Comments relating to systems 3 and 4
Frands Dolberg