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Travail en cours

Tailored advice to individual countries on compensation strategies
Issues and options in compensation (Collaborative work with World Bank, IFPRI and USDA)
Costs of HPAI control (Paper for the International Society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics)
Costs of HPAI control in selected Southeast Asian countries
Economics of vaccination (Paper for OIE review - to be submitted September 2006)
Exploring the impact of HPAI on food security
Livelihoods and gender impacts of changes to poultry market chains in Viet Nam as a result of increased biosecurity measures
Modelling Impacts of Selected Control Strategies for Avian Influenza in Viet Nam and Thailand
Development of socio-economic impact rapid assessment toolkit
Symposium for intergovernmental group meeting on meat and dairy (November 2006)
Market shocks from HPAI in selected countries
Market collapse and livestock disease
Poultry sector reviews
Potential social and environmental impacts of restructuring the poultry sector in Viet Nam
Review of duck production systems in Indonesia
Guidelines for safe poultry production (Viet Nam and Cambodia)
Review of duck production systems in Viet Nam