FAO Biodiversity Mainstreaming Platform

Conservation, sustainable use, management and restoration of biological diversity in one country alone can be a herculean task. How then can such actions be integrated across sectors?

With this in mind, and in collaboration with Convention on Biological Diversity, other UN organisations and partners, FAO is spearheading the Biodiversity Mainstreaming Platform to better facilitate this process. Its aim is to ensure that good practices across all agricultural sectors are adopted and that there is a cross-fertilization of ideas at national, regional and international levels.

The Platform responds to the need to build bridges between the agricultural sectors and the environmental sector. It works to identify the synergies and align the goals between these sectors, and develop integrated approaches to mainstreaming biodiversity into agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture.

On a global level, the platform will raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity across the agricultural sectors, while promoting dialogue on key issues such as policies, metrics, practices and territorial planning. In so doing, the platform will facilitate the continuous engagement of stakeholders.

On a regional level, by assisting dialogues between regional and national multi-stakeholders in promoting sustainable practices in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the platform will support countries as they include biodiversity in their national agricultural plans and implement global policy instruments for mainstreaming biodiversity.

Way forward

FAO is currently developing a strategy on biodiversity mainstreaming across agricultural sections, in coherence with other FAO strategies including that of climate change. This strategy will demonstrate FAO’s commitment to playing a key and catalytic role in building momentum on the issue. It will be submitted for adoption at the 41st Session of the FAO Conference in June 2019 as preparations will be underway for post-2020 biodiversity framework of the CBD.