Oilgae guide to algae-based wastewater treatment – Sample report November 2009

Algae are important bioremediation agents, and are already being used by many wastewater facilities. The potential for algae in wastewater remediation is however much wider in scope than its current role.
The Oilgae Guide to Algae-based Wastewater Treatment was prepared by Oilgae as a response to the need in the market for a detailed resource that provides a compendium of practical data, insights and case studies for algae-based wastewater treatment efforts worldwide.
The focus of the report is to provide guidance that can facilitate actions on the part of the academia and the commercial sector. Hence, inputs and data that have been provided have a slant towards real life case studies and experiments.
While the thrust of the report is on wastewater bioremediation using algae, the report also provides detailed references on deriving biofuels from algae. Algae are currently researched for their ability to be the potential feedstock for biofuels. Combining algae biofuels with wastewater remediation provides significant economic synergies for the process.
This document is a summary (sample report) of the full Oilgae Guide to Algae-based Wastewater Treatment.

By: Oilgae