Algae: The ultimate biofuel? April 2010

With traditional biofuels under fire for driving up food prices and wreaking environmental havoc, industrialists are stepping up research into algae as a sustainable alternative - but many obstacles[...]

Algae – The future for bioenergy? March 2010

This publication provides the summary and conclusions from the workshop ‘Algae – The Future for Bioenergy?’ held in conjunction with the meeting of the Executive Committee of IEA Bioenergy[...]

Oilgae guide to algae-based wastewater treatment – Sample report November 2009

Algae are important bioremediation agents, and are already being used by many wastewater facilities. The potential for algae in wastewater remediation is however much wider in scope than its[...]

The promise of algae biofuels October 2009

To properly assess algae biofuels, there is a need to see the big picture—to develop the full life cycle of algae-to-biofuel production and analyze all potential impacts. This is[...]

Review by the Jatropha Alliance of the Swiss Aid Study: „Jatropha! – A socio-economic pitfall for Mozambique“ August 2009

The study “Jatropha! – A socio-economic pitfall for Mozambique” prepared by Justiça Ambiental (JA) et União Nacional de Camponeses (UNAC) for Swiss Aid (referred in the following to as[...]

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