The Linde Group and Algenol Biofuels agree to cooperate in CO2 and O2 management for biofuel production from algae November 2009

The technology group The Linde Group and the US company Algenol Biofuels LLC have agreed to collaborate in a joint development project in order to identify the optimum management of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) for Algenol's unique algae and photobioreactor technology. This cooperation[...]

Greenwash: why biofuels are just hot air October 2009

Aviation is the favourite whipping boy of environmental activists, who demand that we take caravan holidays in Cornwall rather than jetting off to places where there is guaranteed sunshine. More worryingly for airlines, Britain and other countries are increasingly using the environmental impact of flying as[...]

Alternative energy machine may double world food production September 2009

Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation has announced that their latest patent-pending machinery design enables previously inedible foods such as toxic strains of algae and Jatropha to be edible with an operation that can occur in less than four hours. Click here for full article

Solazyme Signs U.S. Department of Defense Contract to Develop Navy Fuels from Algae September 2009

Solazyme, Inc., the renewable oil production company and leader in algal synthetic biology, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to research, develop, and demonstrate commercial scale production of algae-derived advanced biofuel that meets the United States Navy’s rigorous specifications for military[...]

Algae farm aims to turn carbon dioxide into fuel June 2009

Dow Chemical and Algenol Biofuels, a start-up company, are set to announce Monday that they will build a demonstration plant that, if successful, would use algae to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol as a vehicle fuel or an ingredient in plastics. Because algae does not require[...]

European body sees reasonable chance for algae power June 2009

Industrial-scale production of bioenergy from algae, or seaweed, has a reasonable chance of occurring but still needs fundamental research, the top official at a newly created bioenergy body said on Wednesday.Companies around the world are racing to find economical ways to make biofuels from algae,[...]

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