Australian researchers say saltwater algae biodiesel production is at parity with petroleum diesel costs; commercial-scaling is all that is needed March 2009

In Australia, researchers at the national science organization, CSIRO, have concluded that the cost of saltwater algae production is now, based on current science, lower than the cost of diesel from fossil crude oil. In the study, the researchers focused on maximizing the value of[...]

Biotech's green gold? February 2009

Algae have long been touted as a rich and ubiquitous source of renewable fuel but thus far have failed to be economically competitive with other sources of energy. Could new advances change that? Emily Waltz investigates. Click here for full article  

Scotland's oldest distillery captures carbon to make biofuel February 2009

Scotland's oldest whisky distillery is taking part in a ground-breaking project to capture its carbon dioxide emissions and turn it into a biofuel using oil-producing algae. Home to Famous Grouse whisky, the Glenturret distillery in Crieff, Perthshire, is one of Scotland's top tourist attractions[...]

Free EUCI Webinar Recording now Available: Utility Scale Algal Based Carbon Capture and Recycle February 2009

Jim Sears presented a 90 minute live interactive webinar hosted by Electric Utility Consultants, Inc. on February 4, 2009. EUCI is graciously providing free viewing of this normally fee-based webinar until April 4, 2009. The webinar touches upon all segments of the nascent algal industry[...]

First outdoor, large-scale algae-to-biofuel research project in Nevada January 2009

The first real-world, demonstration-scale project in Nevada for turning algae into biofuel has successfully completed the initial stage of research at the University of Nevada, Reno. The project is on track to show the process is an economical, commercially viable renewable energy source in Nevada.University[...]

German algae research association founded; SSC plant aims for 100 tonnes/hectare production January 2009

In Germany, SSC has established a pilot plant for microalgae production in Hamburg-Reitbrook, and the Universities of Bremen and Anhalt have established an algae fuel research association. The SSC TERM plant in Hamburg utilizes CO2 from a nearby power plant and what the company is[...]

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