Go green: Algae could be next hot biofuel December 2008

A 75-gallon tank of goo that in the course of a week or so changed color from lime green to almost black was one of the stars of last summer's Farnborough International Air Show in England. As airlines ordered hundreds of planes worth billions of[...]

PetroSun designs algae-to-biofuel systems for catfish farms December 2008

Algae and bacteria can be used to capture energy from carbon-rich waste streams from coal plants, agricultural farms, food processing facilities, wastewater treatment plants and - yes, catfish farms.Arizona-based PetroSun Biofuels (Subsidiary of PetroSun) has announced plans to integrate algae systems with catfish farm ponds[...]

The National Algae Association's Global Initiative to Commercialize Algae for Biofuels November 2008

The National Algae Association announces the formation of regional chapters in the UK, California and Kentucky to help to advance the fast-track commercialization of the algae biofuels industry world-wide and to strengthen global support for the NAA's mission and purpose. Many leading experts on algae,[...]

Money, research spur race for algae as fuel source November 2008

Could the next green fuel be pea-green pond scum? Supporters think algae could someday be turned into cheap fuel for automobiles and airplanes, and are betting heavily with infusions of venture capital money and intensive research.About $180 million in venture capital money has been raised[...]

Algae blooms: A new source of energy? October 2008

They may dwell at the bottom of the food chain, but algae are drawing the attention of top scientists at companies such as Boeing, Chevron and ConocoPhillips.The photosynthetic organisms have lived on Earth for a billion years, and some researchers say algae could be a[...]

From laboratory to the fuel tank: Advocates say algae has big assets October 2008

Just ask attendees of a conference Friday in The Woodlands that focused on the potential of algae in making renewable fuels."It's basically the new petroleum," said Robert Morgan, chief technology officer at PhyCO2, a California firm developing technology for large-scale algae production for biofuels.He is[...]

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