Seaweed farms 'could fuel future' October 2008

Pilot seaweed and algae farms are needed to assess Scotland's marine biomass potential, experts have urged.The recommendation comes in a report on using biomass for heating and fuel while avoiding the use of valuable agricultural land.Scientists want to see pilot farms and research into the[...]

Rapid Growth in the Algae Market; Managing Risk in the Renewables Space October 2008

With over US $180 million in venture capital invested in Algae companies already this year, the market looks ready to explode. That explosion couldn't come soon enough for biodiesel producers who are having trouble getting enough feedstock to meet global demand.Joseph Muscat, Americas Director of[...]

PetroSun Helps Turn Algae to Fuel in China September 2008

Energy company PetroSun on Monday said it agreed to a joint-venture with Shanghai Jun Ya Yan Technology Development to build in China a $40 million algae farm whose oil will be refined into biofuels.Under the deal, PetroSun, of Scottsdale, Arizona, will license its algae-to-biofuel technology[...]

Green Energy: Cost-Efficient Process Expected To Turn Algae Into Fuel September 2008

Set amid cornfields and cow pastures in eastern Holland is a shallow pool that is rapidly turning green with algae, harvested for animal feed, skin treatments, biodegradable plastics -- and with increasing interest, biofuel.In a warehouse 120 miles southwest, a bioreactor of clear plastic tubes[...]

Boeing, UOP, Air France, Virgin, KLM, WWF, NRDC, others form Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group September 2008

In Washington State, Boeing, UOP Honeywell, the World Wildlife Fund and Natural Resources Defense Council are among the organizations that have formed the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group. The Group’s members sign off on a sustainability statement, that commits the members to only use biofuels[...]

Algae Bloom: Two organizations and countless companies strive to bring the dream of algae biofuels to life September 2008

Occasional observers of the algae biofuels movement were stunned last week when Sapphire Energy, a company which has yet to make a pilot-scale product, concluded its new round of financing by topping the $100 million mark, a first for a biofuels venture. Notable among its[...]

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