A review on culture, production and use of spirulina as food for humans and feeds for domestic animals December 2008

During the sixtieth session of the United Nations General Assembly (Second Committee, Agenda item 52), a revised draft resolution on the “Use of spirulina to combat hunger and malnutrition and help achieve sustainable development” was submitted by Burundi, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Paraguay. As a follow up of this resolution, FAO was requested to prepare a draft position paper on spirulina so as to have a clearer understanding on its use and to convey FAO’s position on this.
The primary objective of this review is to assess/evaluate the existing knowledge on the culture, production and use of spirulina for human consumption and animal feeds and to prepare the draft position paper on the use of spirulina.
The review is primarily a desk study based on secondary-sources of information/data derived from published literature and unpublished reports and primary-sources of data/information collected through suitable consultations with those associated with culture/production and use of spirulina.