This webpage provides access to documents prepared for ABDC-10. Five of the FAO documents are sector-specific, covering the current status and options for biotechnologies in developing countries in crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture and, finally, in food processing and food safety.

Each of the sector-specific documents, numbered ABDC-10/3.1 to ABDC-10/7.1, is organized in two parts, the first focusing on learning from the past and the second on preparing for the future. The first part documents the current status of application of biotechnologies in developing countries in the specific sector and analyses the reasons for success or failure, presenting also relevant case studies. The second part of each document deals with key unsolved problems in the sector where biotechnologies could be useful; identifies options for developing countries to assist them in making informed decisions about adoption of biotechnologies; and presents a set of Priorities for Action for the international community (FAO, UN organizations, NGOs, donors and development agencies). The documents are quite extensive and available in English. For each one, an easy-to-read synthesis has also been prepared, numbered ABDC-10/3.2 to ABDC-10/7.2. The synthesis documents are provided in Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish.

A sixth document, numbered ABDC-10/8.1, deals with policy options for strengthening national capacities to make informed choices about using biotechnologies in food and agriculture. It is organized in three broad sections, dealing with three major themes: targeting agricultural biotechnologies to the poor; enabling policies for agricultural biotechnologies; and ensuring access to the benefits of agricultural biotechnologies. These three themes are considered in Plenary Sessions on the mornings of the first 3 days of ABDC-10. As before, a synthesis of this large document, numbered ABDC-10/8.2, has been prepared and it is provided in five languages.

A seventh document, ABDC-10/9, is a key document that will be discussed at the Plenary Session on the final day of ABDC-10. Building on the previous six documents, this FAO document synthesizes the lessons learned and options available to developing countries for making informed decisions regarding adoption of agricultural biotechnologies within their national food security and rural development plans and policies. It also presents a set of Priorities for Action for the international community regarding agricultural biotechnologies for food security in developing countries, focusing on policy- and capacity-development actions.

In addition, this webpage provides access to documents from FAO’s partners in this conference, prepared for specific regional or cross-sectoral parallel sessions. These documents are the responsibility of the relevant organizations.

FAO Documents

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