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Manual on mutation breeding

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and FAO recently published the 3rd edition of the “Manual on mutation breeding”, edited by M. Spencer-Lopes, B.P. Forster and L. Jankuloski. Following the 2nd edition which was published in 1977, this 299-page book describes advances in plant mutation breeding, including basic irradiation techniques as well as chemical mutagenesis, in both seed-propagated and vegetatively propagated crops. The manual provides comprehensive overviews and guidelines for new high-throughput screening methods - both phenotypic and genotypic - that are currently available to enable the detection of rare and valuable mutant traits and reviews techniques for increasing the efficiency of crop mutation breeding. It provides practical hands-on methods in plant mutation breeding techniques, with clear illustrated step-by-step protocols. See (12.6 MB) or contact for more information.