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Genomics in food and agriculture – FAO e-mail conference

On 4-24 March 2013, the FAO Biotechnology Forum is hosting its next e-mail conference, entitled "Impacts of genomics and other 'omics' for the crop, forestry, livestock, fishery and agro-industry sectors in developing countries". The conference is open to everyone, is free and will be moderated. To subscribe to the conference, send an e-mail to with the following one line in the body of the message (leave the subject line blank):
subscribe biotech-room3-L firstname lastname

Where firstname and lastname refer to the person's first and last name. For example, if the subscriber's name is John Smith, then the line should be:
subscribe biotech-room3-L John Smith

A 10-page background document was prepared and is available on the Forum website, at For more information, contact