Agricultural Biotechnologies
Agricultural Biotechnologies in crops, forestry, livestock, fisheries and agro-industry  Biotech-banner
FAO biotechnology publications available

A number of FAO books on agricultural biotechnologies are available on request. These include “Socio-economic impacts of non-transgenic biotechnologies in developing countries: The case of plant micropropagation in Africa” and “Marker-assisted selection: Current status and future perspectives in crops, livestock, forestry and fish”. Copies of the FAO Biotechnology Glossary are also available in Chinese, English, French and Russian. These also include “Agricultural biotechnology for developing countries - Results of an electronic forum”, in Spanish, and “Results from the FAO Biotechnology Forum: Background and dialogue on selected issues”, two books which provide the background and summary documents of Conferences 1-6 and 7-12 respectively of the FAO Biotechnology Forum. To request a copy of one or more of these publications, please send your full postal address to