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Genomics in food and agriculture – FAO e-mail conference

On 4-24 March 2013, the FAO Biotechnology Forum hosted a moderated e-mail conference on the "Impacts of genomics and other 'omics' for the crop, forestry, livestock, fishery and agro-industry sectors in developing countries". Before the conference, a 10-page background document was published, which provides an easily-readable overview of the current status regarding genomics in food and agriculture and briefly discusses some of the main ways in which the knowledge from genomics can be used. About 520 people subscribed to the conference, posting a total of 61 messages, 57% of which came from people living in developing countries. Discussions in the 3-week long conference focused on the challenges and opportunities of genomics, particularly in crops but also in livestock. There seemed to be agreement about the tremendous promise of genomics but recognition that it is still very much an emerging field for developing countries. During the conference there was also general support for establishment of a moderated platform for informal exchange of experiences, data, knowledge and expertise on genomics and other aspects of breeding for the global community. See the background document, and all the messages posted, at For more information, contact This was the 19th e-mail conference hosted by the FAO Biotechnology Forum since it was launched in the year 2000.