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Public-private partnerships: Country case studies

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are being promoted as an important institutional mechanism for gaining access to additional financial resources, sharing risks, and addressing other constraints in pursuit of sustainable and inclusive agricultural development. In 2010, FAO’s Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division initiated a series of appraisals of PPPs implemented in certain African, Asian and Latin American countries. The main objective was to draw lessons that can be used to provide guidance to FAO member countries on how to partner effectively with the private sector to mobilize support for agribusiness development. Twelve country reports are currently available and some of the PPP case studies they contain involve use of agricultural biotechnologies. These include the production of monoclonal antibodies and development of a rapid assay to detect white leaf disease in sugarcane in Thailand; the adoption of biogas energy technology in integrated poultry slaughterhouses in Thailand; and the delivery of Rhizobium inoculant biofertilizers in Kenya. See or contact for more information.