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Microbiology agents and animal feed

Microbiological agents are one of the most significant contaminants of animal feed. The detection and enumeration of harmful bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites is imperative for the health of the animals and of the humans consuming animal products. As part of its Animal Production and Health Manual series, FAO has just published “Quality assurance for microbiology in feed analysis laboratories” which complements a previous FAO publication on “Quality assurance for animal feed laboratories” and describes additional procedures for detection and isolation of microbiological agents which may be found in animal feeds. Written by R.A. Cowie and edited by H.P.S. Makkar, the 196-page book is organized in three sections: the Quality Management System in a microbiology laboratory; quality assurance and general laboratory procedures; and microbiology procedures. See (800 KB) or contact to request a copy, providing your full postal address.