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Low level presence (LLP) of transgenic plants

As part of its Series on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Environment, Health and Safety Division recently published "Low level presence of transgenic plants in seed and grain commodities: Environmental risk/safety assessment, and availability and use of information". The scope of this 89-page document covers a situation where seed contains low levels of transgenic seed that have been reviewed for environmental risk/safety and received authorization for commercial cultivation (unconfined release) in one or more countries but not in the country of import. The document covers commercial seed used intentionally for planting as well as commodities (e.g. grains and oilseeds) that can germinate and grow into plants when unintentionally released into the environment during handling and transport or when intentionally used for planting. See or contact for more information.