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Archives of GMOs and Gene Flow conference
The FAO e-mail conference entitled "Gene flow from GM to non-GM populations in the crop, forestry, animal and fishery sectors" ran for 5 weeks and finished on 5 July 2002. Almost 400 people subscribed to this moderated conference and 118 messages were posted, focusing primarily on the crop sector, by 61 different people from 25 countries. The messages came from participants in North America (41% of the total), Europe (21%), Asia (18%), Africa (12%), Latin America and the Caribbean (4%) and Oceania (4%). 32 % of messages were sent by participants in developing countries. The greatest proportion of messages came from people working in universities (32%), research centres (24%), NGOs (17%) and private companies (13%). The messages are available by subject and date at or can be requested in e-mail form (217 KB) from