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Declaration of the World Food Summit: five years later
The `World Food Summit: five years later` took place 10-13 June 2002 at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy and was attended by delegations from more than 180 countries. Heads of State and Government unanimously adopted the "Declaration of the World Food Summit: five years later" on 10 June. Regarding biotechnology, the Declaration states "We call on the FAO, in conjunction with the CGIAR and other international research institutes, to advance agricultural research and research into new technologies, including biotechnology. The introduction of tried and tested new technologies including biotechnology should be accomplished in a safe manner and adapted to local conditions to help improve agricultural productivity in developing countries. We are committed to study, share and facilitate the responsible use of biotechnology in addressing development needs". The Declaration is available (in Arabic, Chinese, English French, Italian and Spanish) at or contact for more information.