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Forests and GM trees
The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) set up a task force on forests and genetically modified trees to report and present factual information covering the scientific and social dimensions of genetic modification. A 235-page publication developed under the auspices of this task force has now been published by IUFRO and FAOs Forestry Department entitled Forests and genetically modified trees. It consists of 12 chapters written by 33 scientists. The first six chapters deal with the science of genetic modification in forest trees: its position in the biotechnology spectrum, how it is carried out, traits of interest, gene flow, genetic containment, integration of the technology in tree improvement programmes and experience of its commercialization in China. The remaining six chapters covers ethical, environmental, social, regulatory and trade aspects, and examine the technologys potential outside the realm of timber production. See the book or contact for more information.