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Requests for inputs to the FAO Biotechnology Glossary

The FAO Glossary of biotechnology for food and agriculture" was published in 2001, prepared by A. Zaid, H.G. Hughes, E. Porceddu and F. Nicholas, providing consolidated, comprehensive and accessible definitions of over 3,000 terms and acronyms that are used regularly regarding agricultural biotechnologies. It has proven to be a very popular reference source and has been translated into the five other official UN languages (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) as well as Polish, Serbian and Vietnamese, while the terms have also been translated into Kazakh. All language versions are freely available from The glossary is currently being revised and updated in all six UN languages. As with the previous edition of the glossary, a participatory approach is being used in the review process. We would therefore very much appreciate any inputs and suggestions regarding a) addition of new terms/acronyms relevant to biotechnologies in food and agriculture; b) definitions for any new proposed terms; c) deletion of irrelevant/obsolete terms in the current glossary; d) improvement of existing definitions and correction of editorial mistakes in the current glossary; and e) correction of errors in translating from English to Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish. Please provide suggestions and comments to by 31 July 2011.