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This is Dr Janaki Krishna, from India again (message 1), responding to Wim Polman (message 60):

There are some examples for bioenergy production which are appropriate for small holdings like establishing gobar gas plants, generating energy through the use of agricultural wastes etc. I provide here one successful case, from Gujarat, in India - the source of the abstract is http://www.geda.org.in/bio/bio_successstory1.htm where all the details with regard to the community biogas plant are furnished. It is a very good case study involving the community also consisting of small holders in the village: "Methan is a small village in India, having a population of about 5000 persons having about 460 Households. The success story of setting up and efficient management of the project in this village has evoked considerable interest in the Global 'Energy Scenario'. The world bank and the B.B.C. have reportedly shown interest in the coverage of this 'MODEL' plant. The daily biogas use for 5-6 hours by the village households has helped in saving approximately 7800 tonnes firewood, so far, valued of Rs. 35.50 lacs, which otherwise would have been chopped and burnt." [This is one of the biogas plants from the Gujarat Energy Development Agency, a Government of Gujarat organisation, community biogas plants programme (http://www.geda.org.in/bio/bio_community.htm)...Moderator].

There are several such cases where the abundant biowaste available in the villages can be used through involvement of farmers having small holdings.

Dr (Mrs) P S Janaki Krishna,
Subject Expert (Biotechnology)
Biotechnology Unit,
Institute of Public Enterprise
Osmania University Campus
Hyderabad - 500 007,
e-mail: jankrisp (at) yahoo.com

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