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Subject: End of FAO conference on biotechnologies and bioenergy

Dear Colleagues,

The last message, (number 88, from John Caesar), has now been posted so Conference 15 of the FAO Biotechnology Forum, entitled "The role of agricultural biotechnologies for production of bioenergy in developing countries", is now officially closed.

FAO established this Biotechnology Forum in 2000 with the aim of providing quality balanced information on agricultural biotechnologies in developing countries and to make a neutral platform available for people to exchange views and experiences on this subject. We hope that this conference has lived up to these aims and that you found it informative, interesting and of value. The Background Document to the conference is available at http://www.fao.org/biotech/c15doc.htm and all the messages posted will remain on the Forum website for people to read in the future, at http://www.fao.org/biotech/logs/c15logs.htm. I will put the remaining messages on the web, in addition to putting all the 88 messages into a single webpage, and will send you a message providing the weblink in the next couple of days.

We strongly encourage you, as Forum Members, to widely disseminate information from this conference. As is standard practice with conferences in this Forum, we also plan to prepare a Summary Document in the future to provide a summary of the main issues discussed during the conference, based on the messages posted and circulate it widely.

For your interest, we can provide some figures about participation in the conference. It ran for five weeks, from Monday 10 November to Sunday 14 December 2008. The number of subscribers rose from 390, when the first message was posted, to 432 when the conference ended. Of the 432 people, 52 (i.e. 12%) submitted at least one message. Of the 88 messages that were posted, 28 came from Asia, mostly from India; 24 were from Europe; 15 were from people living in Africa; 10 from Latin America and the Caribbean; 6 from Oceania and 5 from North America. The messages came from people living in 21 different countries, the greatest number coming from India, followed respectively by Sweden, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Kenya, Nigeria and Italy. A total of 53 messages (i.e. 60%) were posted by participants living in developing countries.

The greatest number of messages came from people working in universities (26) followed by those in research centres (25) or working as independent consultants or in the private sector (17), for non-governmental organisations (11); FAO (4), government ministries (3) or development agencies (2).

Finally, and most importantly, I wish to personally thank all of you who participated actively in this conference, giving your time and effort in order to share your thoughts, views and experiences with the conference.

With best wishes


John Ruane, PhD
Agricultural Biotechnology Officer
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
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Viale delle Terme di Caracalla,
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