Vietnamese Biotechnology Glossary

The FAO Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture was translated into Vietnamese in 2004. It was published by the Center for Information and Technological Transfer of Biology (CITB), in Vietnam, through an arrangement with FAO. The book provides in English the same 3,196 terms and definitions contained in the original glossary as well as their Vietnamese translation. The glossary provides consolidated, comprehensive and accessible definitions of terms and acronyms that are used regularly in biotechnology, including genetic engineering, and closely allied fields. The original English version of the glossary was written by A. Zaid, H.G. Hughes, E. Porceddu and F. Nicholas. For more information on the Vietnamese glossary, please contact Nguyen Ba Suu, Deputy Director of the CITB.

Here, the FAO Biotechnology Glossary in Vietnamese is provided in 7 separate parts, organised in aphabetical order.

1. The letters A-C (pages 1-70)

2. The letters D-G (pages 71-132)

3. The letter H (pages 133-144)

4. The letters I-O (pages 145-204)

5. The letter P (pages 205-233)

6. The letters Q-T (pages 234-291)

7. The letters U-Z (pages 292-304)

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