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Collaborating on Port State Measures in the fjords of Norway

FAO’s Director-General in discussions with ministerial delegations on a boat trip around Oslo.
After days spent in plenary, continuing discussions on a boat trip around Oslo is a welcome change for delegates.
Chile’s Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Pablo Berazaluce discusses with his delegation during the sessions. Chile will host the next Meeting of the Parties.

The First Meeting of the Parties of FAO’s Port State Measures  may have come to a close yesterday, but the work continues in Oslo this week as the First meeting of the ad hoc Working Group to be established under Article 21 of the Port State Measures opens today.

During the 29-31 May Olso meeting, the Parties to the Port State Measures Agreement provided clear guidance on the way forward for a smooth implementation of the Agreement.

In these first stages, the Parties agreed to meet every two years to assess the level of implementation, with meetings in Chile in 2018/19, within the European Union in 2020 and in Indonesia in 2022 being agreed by the delegates. Other means for monitoring the implementation were also discussed and agreed upon.

At the meeting, the Parties encouraged other States to become Parties of the Agreement. Therefore, the need for transparency with non-parties was emphasized, to facilitate best practices and information-sharing with those implementing port State measures and assessing their possibilities to join the Agreement. Consequently, non-parties will have access to certain information such as designated ports and national contact points, and will also be invited to participate in the meetings of the Parties and the working group. 

The outcomes of the meeting will showcase the commitment to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing at the upcoming Ocean Conference in New York.

The first meeting of the Parties to the Port State Measures Agreement was closed by FAO’s Director-General, Jose Graziano DaSilva, who stressed the importance of the FAO Port State Measures Agreement and complementary instruments and tools in the fight against IUU fishing.

But it wasn’t all about plenary halls up in Norway. Yesterday, the delegates continued informal discussions on a short boat trip in the Oslofjord on board the S/S Lady Mack while the meeting report was being prepared.

While the weather forecasted showers, it was a pleasure that these forecasts were wrong. Although it was cold, there was even some sunshine for the delegates to enjoy the views.

The cruise went around the inner Oslofjord, passing the new Oslo Opera, before passing neighbouring islands and setting out across to the Maritime Museum with its Fram, Kon-Tiki and Gjøa displays, before returning to the harbour.

FAO’s Director-General enjoyed the trip, but also used the opportunity to hold short and intense meetings with a number of participating ministers.

The lack of rain allowed the meetings to take place on the upper deck of “Lady Mack”, so that everybody could also enjoy the views of Norway’s natural beauty.

After busy days in the plenary hall, the boat trip allowed the delegates time to relax and continue their discussions and collaboration.

Today, the two-day meeting of the Ad hoc Working Group to be established under Article 21 of the Port State Measures opens in Oslo.

The Indonesian delegation at plenary sessions. Indonesia will host the 2022 Meeting of the Parties.
Cross continental collaboration: Guinea’s Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture André Loua and Guyana’s Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder, with his delegation.
Sudan’s Federal Minister of Animal Resources, Bushara Aror Abdalla and his delegation during the boat tour.
FAO’s Director-General with Equitorial Guinea’s delegate, Cristobal Gerona Quintana, aboard the S/S Lady Mack.
FAO’s Árni M. Mathiesen, Assistant Director-General of Fishereies and Aquaculture with the delegation from the Republic of Korea. Korea will play host to the next FAO Committee on Fisheries Sub-Committee on Fish Trade in Busan this September, where Port State Measures and actions taken to end IUU fishing will be heavily discussed.
Delegates enjoy time together aboard the S/S Lady Mack.
Sometimes taking discussion outside the plenary hall is ideal for dialogue – and the stunning views of Oslo and the fjords is an added bonus.


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